Bug importing Sketchup file in Cinema 4D


When i import a Sketchup file into C4D R21, most of the times faces with cut opening components are not cut inside C4D, despite in Sketchup component cut well…

So i need to explode my components in Sketchup before importing in C4D and then ctrl+z to revert in Sketchup. And same hack again each time i need to re-import in c4d when i updated the model…

Is there a fix for that?


Are you importing a SketchUp file directly into C4D or using an intermediary format? To me it seems that the importer in C4D doesn’t support hole-cutting components so it is a Cinema 4D problem. Have you asked Cinema 4D support or in their forums?

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Hello, yes i directly import a Skp file into C4D. It’s weird because in some case 90% of hole-cutting component are well done in C4D. it’s a very random result.

If you think it’s C4D related, so i will investigate this way.

I’ve not yet asked to Maxon for this, i will try C4D R25 before

No Sketchup import enhancement with C4D R25 :smiling_face_with_tear: