Cannot adjust pattern dimensions

I would like to shade a cross section in my drawing with diagonal stripes.

For that I select ‘Materials/patterns’ ‘Brick Common Face’. After filling the affected surface, the adjusted dimensions changed with ‘Width and Height’ are not adjusted in the chosen surface. The surface in question is still selected during this operation.

This same action works if I use a color instead of a pattern. It will be adjusted from color A to color B.

Am I overlooking something?

You must change the dimensions and paint it after making all the changes. Pick the material and paint it again once the changes are made, or while using the Bucket tool press command and click the face where the material was applied, then on the materials you can change the size or color and it will change as you edit the material.

Thank you for your message. With your instructions I have now found out why I can’t adjust the dimensions.

It is necessary to also choose the color of the plane to be filled after choosing the pattern.
If you don’t, the Bucket tool allows you to pattern the plane, but not adjust the dimensions of the pattern.

I now understand why, but without a notification from the program if you only choose a pattern, this causes question marks for a user.

If you right click on the pattern in question, then select '“texture” from the menu you will open a window that allows texture resizing, orientation, in a context window. You will be able to scale, rotate, skew them as well.

Changing textures will only work in the ‘in Model’ collection or list.
Choose the house icon to show the colors and textures that you use in your model, then adjust those.

Thank you all very much for your explanation :slightly_smiling_face: I continue to find it difficult that I first have to change a color to adjust the size of the chosen texture. Anyway, at least I now know how to apply a shading to a drawing with a cross-section.

You don’t need to change the color to be able to adjust the dimensions. You only need to have the texture In Model. You can’t edit a texture in a collection. Only In Model.

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I had misunderstood “In Model,” despite several people pointing this out. Excuse.
Now the way is completely clear to me. Thank you!

Here is the result