CANNOT activate SketchUp Pro 2019 on 2nd computer

Just purchased the subscription on web, which says it can be used on 2 computer. But after I install on Desktop, can work normally, but I cannot find any way to activate the software on my laptop.

Have log in same Trimble ID on laptop --> Can open SketchUp but all functions are disabled.
Have tried to find classic license --> no license, not work.
Have tried to add member on Trimble ID --> no such button
Have tried log in again --> not work.
Have tried turn off desktop --> not work.

How come activation on laptop so difficult??

would login to the Trimble Account Management Portal with your email address registered for the Trimble ID and peek around for issues shown.

Thanks for reply. Can you elaborate a bit more? I have spent so much time on it already but still cannot find solution.

Problem solved. Not the problem of license, it is the problem of Graphic card update.

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your profile does unfortunatley not denote the used graphics card (“Win+R > dxdiag > Display”), please update sothat helping with further issues can be streamlined.

Under Windows 10 and if an integrated intel HD series used, disabling “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use fast feedback” in SketchUp does often help to solve issues with the display output.

IIRC this is not an option since SU 2016. Versions from 2017 onwards require hardware acceleration and good OpenGL support from the graphics card.

oops, old habbits… corrected.