Sketchup pro 2021 wont activate on notebook

I just upgraded to 2021. First on Desktop install. Now on notebook. When i launch on notebook I get:
Please authorize SketchUp
****> ****
> You are using SketchUp Pro on too many machines. Please sign-out from another machine, or manage your activations below.
****> ****
> Manage Activations
****> ****
> Add Classic License

When I go to manage activations I don’t see any way to resolve this. Pro 2020 still works on notebook. I installed 2021 on desktop,. worked on one model, synced to my notebook and packed up and left. Now away from my desktop I installed 2021 on notebook and get above message. There is some slight possibility that sketchup 2021 is still active on desktop. I will not be back at desktop for weeks. How to resolve ?.

The sign ins that are still going with 2020 counts towards your two sign in total. You might have cleared the issue by signing out from 2020, then signing in with 2021.

To deauthorize remote computers you would go to the page you were taken to, and in the My Products, SketchUp Pro subscription panel, you click on Show Included Applications. One of those is SketchUp Pro itself, click on Manage Devices, and then Deauthorize Devices.

After doing that, reopen 2021, and its sign in should be accepted. If it was already open and signed in, sign out, and sign in again, for it to get authorized again.

When you return to the office you may need to sign in again on the desktop, to let it be the second authorized machine.

Main thing to do is to open older versions that you’re not planning to use, and make sure you are signed out. That will free up your sign ins to be used just with 2021 on two machines.

Yea! thanks for the quick response Sketchup Team. Got it to work. Somewhat my bad for not seeing the “manage devices”. Having a team that is answering questions and helping make sketchup easy to understand is what makes subscribing worth it.