Can you message a specific user?


I read a topic thats now closed and I want to get a hold of that specific user that created it.
How do I do that?


you can use the @ symbol with the users name in a new thread…

for example @daspunner will ‘ping’ you…


Feeling a bit dumb here but can you explain further?

if we wanted the Sage @DaveR to ‘notice’ this thread, I have just done that by ‘pinging’ him…

he may take a while to wake up and respond [ now he’s retired ], but will get notified he has been mentioned here…


Or click on the users avatar and use the Message button to send them a private message.

Sorry for the delay. I was making my coffee and responding to an e-mail. :wink:

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Okay now I think I understand! Could a user have disabled messages via his avatar? Gonna try a ping to myself now to see that I understood it right.


So no notification when pinging myself?. Where is that notification gonna appear? Or is it not possible to ping yourself?

Maybe that user is away from the computer. Some people do leave their computers, you know.

He hasn’t been active since dec…

Then he might have something else going on or he’s moved on.

Maybe, but I found another way. I went in to my messages and clicked “new message” and just entered his name…

Maybe that’ll get his attention. Maybe it won’t.

Maybe you could ask the question here, or point us to the relevant thread so we can help.

Here’s the thread I would lika to discuss further with Gumbo as he calls himself.

Just started looking in to 3d-modelling and I feel that keyboard/mouse works but somethings is missing. Thinking of butchering it and maybe printing a new housing.

See this thread:

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