How can I find my post and view them

OK I’m a bit new to the SketchUp community and find the forum super difficult to use and far (way far) from intuitive. I created a post and now I cannot find it. How in the heck can I filter the post to display only my post and then view them? I’m not able to find any help for using the forum.

Click on your name or the J in the pink circle. then click on Activity.

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Dave are you referring to the pink circle in the upper right corner of my screen? When I click on this circle I don’t see anything like your image. I see the following

However this does seem to do what I need. I’ll play with this and see how it works.

Click on your user name in that screen. You’ll see Activity there. click on it.

AH Success!!!

This is called the avatar menu.

It contains a toolbar at the top consisting of links, from left to right, of your Profile, your bookmarks, your private messages, and your preferences.

Below your avatar menu toolbar, is a list of your notifications.

To the left of your avatar menu, is the quick search feature (which has a checkbox to search only your posts,) and the “hamburger menu” with all sorts of nifty quick links.