Can there be labels for toolbar buttons?



I’m customizing a plugin that creates Gcode for a CNC plasma and router table. The plugin adds a toolbar with a button for plasma and a button for router. I made the images different so I know what they each do, but since I may not be the only one to use it I want to make it easier to discern one from the other without hovering to see the tool tip. Is there any way to have text next to a toolbar button>


open the image in editor, add text to the image and re-save…

use svg for PC and pdf for mac if you want the best results…



I thought about that but didn’t think I could get readable text into a 24 pixel by 24 pixel square and assumed that’s the maximum size for a button. I just tried it and luckily Sketchup seems to take larger sizes. It just compresses a rectangular image into a square. With a little tinkering I can have two clearly labelled buttons.



Just be aware that support for vector graphics (svg on Windows and pdf on Mac) is new in SU 2016. This won’t work in earlier versions. That might not matter to you if this is purely for your own use, but could be a problem when you share the toolbar with others.


I always make mine in SU as 512 X 512 squares, then export as pdf when happy…

I create other formats from that…

a recent problem one was for a translation plugin where I wanted to depict ‘Language’, in the end I chose this…
because to me, although it implies bad language, it shouldn’t be mistaken for something else…

the main thing is to convey intent…



I’m using 2014 and the only person that would be using the plugin is my buddy with the CNC table. Whatever version of SU I have is what I’d put on his laptop and PCs that run the table. At this point it’s so customized that it would really only in the CAM software, if not only with his setup.


Yes, but currently only for native toolbars. (They can be set individually via a right-click popup menu whilst the “Toolbars…” edit dialog is open.)