Custom Toolbar Info 'Button'

I’ve been playing around with ruby and have successfully created a toolbar button that when clicked says what the current page name is.

Is there any method that will write the current page name to the button in a similar way to the drop down layer menu that resides in the toolbar?

And how do I create create a button without an icon, just text?

Any pointers welcome.

Thanks in advance

The SketchUp Ruby API has no support for dropdown menus like that used for Layers. You can however make a HtmlDialog for this, but it will be displayed as a separate window and won’t add much the Scene inspector already has.

You cannot, but the user can edit the toolbar and set the button to text only, in which case the menu text for the command is displayed.

Currently toolbar button images cannot be changed after creation via the API. There is however an open feature request for this. (If you know C and the Windows SDK programming you can hack at it using the Ruby Fiddle library, which is a wrapper around FFI.)

Thanks Julia / Dan