Can the SketchupPro 2019 Recovered Files location be changed?

Is there a way to change the location where recovered files are saved? Sketchup is installed on my secondary drive (D:), not the C:\ drive. I’ve been getting autosave errors (CFileException 10) and it looks like Sketchup is trying to save autosaves and recovery files to an obscure location on the C:\ drive. C:\ is low on space, so I would rather all saves of any kind to be saved somewhere on D:. The error message I received said I should change the Model save location in Preferences, but that already points to a location on D:. The only thing that seems to have fixed it for now is cleaning old files off C:. Unfortunately, there are programs that I cannot move off C:, which is causing a storage issue. Sketchup saving to C:\ automatically is exacerbating the problem.

In general, SketchUp works best if you use it in a ‘one person-with a normal setup-without usage of external monitors’ way. Unfortunately having installed it on another then the C drive will affect the normal settings of auto save etc.
Take control in what you are saving, do not rely on automated saves or even backup’s.
Either ‘Save As’ and name it differently or just Ctrl-S when about to perform any extension activity is still the best way to go.
Alternatively, set up a project in Trimble connect and publish frequently, each publish will have a version to get back to, if tou want

I won’t talk you through this, and if it ends up not helping you would need to get things back to normal yourself. But, look around for articles on moving the Users folder to other drives. If that is easy enough to do you would save the space that all of your applications are using in the user folders on the C drive.

If that is too dramatic, you could create a shortcut on your D drive, in a folder for SketchUp backups perhaps, and point the shortcut to:

%LocalAppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp\working\SKETCHUP\RecoveredFiles

You then would be able to quickly jump in and out of the recovery folder, and any files in there that you know you don’t need, you can delete. Any that are potentially a useful backup version you could copy to the D drive and then delete the C drive version.

The files should only be there if Windows or SketchUp has crashed, or if SketchUp is still running, and so in most cases it’s not taking up much C drive space.