Change location of AutoSave files?

Is there a way to set where SketchUp puts autosave files? They’re wreaking havoc on my cloud storage solution. I have a Mac, but it would be helpful to know how to do this in Windows too, since others at my company are having the same issue.

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I have the same problem – every time autosave kicks in it replicates the autosave file to the cloud, which is using up a lot of my upload quota. I use OneDrive Home Edition for cloud storage which doesn’t let me filter files for replication to the cloud (apparently the Professional Edition does), so the option of excluding .skb files from replication is not a solution. I thought I might have been able to change the default model location to a folder that doesn’t replicate, but store my model files elsewhere (in a folder that would be replicated), thinking that the Sketchup backup files might always be placed in the default location rather than the location of the model, but that’s not the case. This is a significant problem that really needs to be fixed.