Can the program get corrupted?

I have been using 2015 for some time without issues but now each time I move a drawing into Layout from Sketchup it seems to destroy images/drawings I had previously moved. Can the program be whacked out ? Or is it the driver behind the wheel ?

IMO, it’s hard to say why this is happening. It’s possible that a driver or plugin may be affecting operation…or it could be something entirely different.

If you upload the file, someone may be able to help figure out what’s going on. (If the file exceeds 3 mb, use a file share service e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive and include the relevant URL address to find the file.)

It will probably be better to send the skp file as well the LayOut file in this case. If the files cannot be made public, you can share them by PM with selected respondents.

It sounds to me like you aren’t using the correct work flow between SU and LO.

Hmmm.I may not but it is the way I have been doing it successfully for some time. Save what I am working on and send it to LO. I usually will have SU on one tab and LO on another and will go back and forth. Typically it will be a scene I have created. I will export to LO manipulate, notate it, then pull in the next scene. I may do that for five or six scenes and save my work. What happens now is when I go back to my LO drawing its all jumbled up. Part of scene one are connected to scene three . Notations are strung up across the page. It’s a mess.

Maybe you could share your LayOut file so I can see what you’ve got going on.

Realy ! That would be great. How do I do that ?

If it’s less than 3 Mb you can upload it here in the forum. If you don’t want to make it public, send it in a private message by clicking on my name and then the Message button. If it’s more than 3Mb, upload it to DropBox and share the link.

Dave . I appreciate your help but you may have to walk me through these options.

How big is the LayOut file?

Hello @malcolm_friar,

You can upload files by clicking on the 7th icon from the left (at the top of the reply box) and follow the directions on the screen that appears. To send a PM (private message), just click the avatar of the respondent you want to contact and then click the blue Message box.

If the file is too large to send directly to this Forum (>3mb),then you will need to set up an account (usually free) with one of the many file sharing sites, upload the file(s) and include a reference url so others can find your work.

Uploading your file should show where you are going wrong but initial thoughts are:

  1. Are you clicking inside windows in LO and modifying the scene? If so, don’t.

  2. Are you modifying and updating scenes set up in SU before you revert to LO? If so, what you see will change. That’s normal.


          I am pretty desperate here so I am taking a gamble. I need help and am more than willing to pay. I am losing so much time trying to figure this out. I must have over twenty hours just on this and I have deadlines. If you can tutor me through this we could set up a pay pal account or whatever. I need someone who can take control of my computer remotely and work with me. If this is just a pain for you maybe you can lead me to someone who does provide services for pay. I understand very well the desire to help people but sometimes that helping hand becomes a burden. I end up in that position all the time in my business. 


Malcolm, I can help but I’ve been waiting to see your LayOut file so I can give you some direction. Go to and set up an account. Upload the LO file there and then share the link to the file via a private message. Click on my name above this post on the forum and then click “Message” to send the private message.


Does this reply go directly to you ? Or to the forum.


You replied in the public forum. If you haven’t done so, go to the forum in your Internet browser and find this thread. Click on my name at the top of this post. Then click Message on the right side of the small window that pops up to send me a private message.

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