Can´t load some of my extensions


I have installed two extensions: Openstudio and EnergyPlus, but it can´t load in Sketchup!

Help me, please.

Thank you


This is because your User Name has an accent in it.
It has long been recommended that you avoid this, because it used to cause issues [like this shows] with the original version of Ruby in earlier SketchUp versions.
I don’t have OpenStudio or EnergyPlus extensions.
However, I suspect that their loader RB’s coding fails to convert the user path string into the text-encoding required by the newer versions of Ruby that now ships with SketchUp.
If the loader RB is properly saved as UTF-8 [without BOM] file and any string passed on is re-encoded to the same encoding it ought to work…
I suggest you contact the authors direct nad request this issue is fixed.
Meanwhile you could look at making a newer user on your PC, without any accents in the name, and then swapping all of your stuff from the problem user-account into that new set up, and using that thereafter…
However, that can be a pain…
Do a google-search for guidance on how to do that, it takes some effort and pre-planning etc…