Can someone help me sign out and back in?

Good morning, all.

According to this:

:You have exceeded your allowed activations
To continue, please sign out of another instance of SketchUp, or use the link below to sign out of all versions you have authorized in the past. Then, click the profile icon above to sign out and try again."

I can’t find the button on the landing page.

I have been at this for going on two hours now and am not able to log in. I was using my laptop while I travelled and would like to work on my desktop now that I am home.

This frequently happens when I switch between machines and makes working from anywhere but my home office impractical.

i9 CPU
64G Ram
3060 ti GPU

Thank you, Dave! I feel slightly embarrassed for not having found that.

You’re welcome.

FWIW, there are numerous threads in which the issue of too many activations are discussed. A simple foum search would turn them up. There are also some posts by folks from the SketchUp team regarding what drives this sign in process and why it is in place.

Thanks. I did a search and even commented on an older thread before posting. The fact that there has been a need for nemerous threads on the same topic highlights the UI stagnation and emphasizes the need for modernizing this tool. I understand the need for the process; my belief is that UI should be an asset to software and allow for faster navigation through necessary processes. Currently, the process to sign out of all devices is neither straightforward, nor intuitive when measured against current conventions.