Can someone help me please? VRAY-LIGHTS

Hello , I am struggling with VRAY lights … I tried watching every tutorialll!! so when I do the spotlight light, I get the effect as in the picture … a shadow on the wall of the light… but I want the actual light coming out of the spotlight… Can You help me please??

I apologize for this stpid question but I am currently learning.

you need to create some geometry - for quick renders, sometimes I just use a simple circle on the ceiling with an emissive material applied to it and the spot set just below the geometry.

Thank you for your reply. So you mean I need to draw a circle and paint it with emmisive material (like I did now -picture below) and you would still include the vray spotlight underneath ?

But you think this is enough to light up a room if a do maybe 4 of them ? cos my room seems to be a bit dark

VRay is physically based - if 4 lights illuminate a real room (of that size) then it will do so in Vray. However, you are acting as a photographer when you render an image - so all the rules that apply to photography apply here. Primary lights ‘fill’ lights etc, exposure, film speed, etc - Vray can simplify all this but it still all applies as well as artistic intent.

I would also ensure you change the default scale for lights to Watts or Lumens, you can then realistically balance the power of your lights based on real world values.

Also bear in mind your materials will have an impact on scene illumination (reflectivity, bounces etc) but its best to get your lighting setup on a clay render that you are happy with, then tweak the lighting after you have applied materials.

To answer your question above, yes include the vray light - thats what is physically illuminating the scene (and you have ultimate control over)

PS - It wasn’t a stupid question at all - and the learning never stops! :grinning:

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wow !! Thank you !!