Can someone down save my 2015 ketchup file so I can open it in 2014?


I downloaded a 2015 trial and started a big project. I am about 1/2 way done. My trial expired and I was able to get a reduced cost student version of 2014 but now I cannot open my 2015 file. I can’t reinstall 2015 because my trial is up. Can someone help me by downsizing my 2015 file to 2014 please!! #help #2014 #2015


Can’t you use the free SketchUp Make to resave to 2014? Otherwise post or link to the file and I’ll do it.


Yes she can. She can uninstall the SU 2015 Pro, and install SU 2015 Make.


You can upload it to 3D Warehouse. Once rendered you will have a variety of SketchUp versions available, including SU14.


Thanks! I was able to find someone to reserve it for me! I’ll keep this in mind if I need to downsize again in the future.