Can Sketchup be run native to Mac M1?

can Sketchup be run native to Mac M1 ? Is Asking for Rossetta on my new MacBook Air

Sketchup needs rossetta to run on m1. Its not converted to arm-code yet.

The first application you run that needs Rosetta 2 will ask if you want Rosetta to be installed. If you had run other apps before SketchUp, you wouldn’t see the message when opening SketchUp.

It does seem to take about 20 seconds longer to open SketchUp the first time, after that it should open quicker. We’re generally finding that SketchUp under Rosetta on M1 machines is performing about the same, or smoother in some cases, than our previous Intel MacBook Pro machines.

Thanks Colin. I hope the next update will support the M1 natively. I am sure then we would be able to spin and zoom with no delay… great for reviewing with others. For comparison, I have also loaded up TwinMotion and it runs incredibly fast with large SKP models, whereas with my previous intel Mac it crawled.

By the way I hope you guys recognize the need for a proper wall tool as core to the architectural tool set. The RBZ options by others for that are flaky and not well designed. You need at a minimum to be able to draw simple chained walls of a specific height and thickness that can be justified left, centre or right on-the-fly as you draw.

Thanks again