I have new M1 Mac mini

I hope there will be a version of ketchup which will work on new Apple silicon

Is there any timeline?


Heinz 57 brand should work.


You might want to have a read through this thread.

I am a processing engineer and I feel obligated to warn you:
Certain version of ketchup is very abrasive especially at higher temperatures and higher flow rates. Be prepared that certain parts need to be replaced more often, even if you use titanium alloyed stainless steel. Then PTFE is recommended over silicone :innocent:


That’s a saucy answer!


Before his retirement, my father ran the QA department for a company that makes pumps for handling food and pharmaceuticals. I remember him telling me that ketchup and chocolate are very hard on processing equipment. :wink:


The short answer is that several people have reported that SketchUp runs quite well on the M1 using its Rosetta 2 converter. There is not yet a native M1 version and, as normal, Trimble will not discus any plans to make one.

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on my now Mac mini with m1 sku2021 does not get beyond the license screen
Do I. have to do anything special to call up rosetta

The first time you run an app that needs Rosetta, Rosetta gets installed. Other people had no problems, but maybe they did the Rosetta step without thinking much about it.

Try using Microsoft Edge, that’s another application that needs Rosetta 2: