Can SketchUp always rotate a model around the 3 axes?


Please see the attached file, it comes from here:

It is the famous Kennedy Limo and we are working with Hum3D in order to locate the original blueprints.

I have the model in all the relevant file formats but the one that is giving me trouble is SKP. The file provided by Hum3D has the limo positioned vertically, like as rocket about to take off. I cannot possibly rotate the vehicle and show it on its side.

I am using Viewer version 18.


-Ramon F Herrera
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Sorry. I’m not going to spend $75 dollars to look at the file. I don’t believe you can rotate the model in the viewer but you could do so in SketchUp. Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Free. You would be able to do it with that.


Since the upload of the .skp file was interrupted (maybe because of its size?), you may find the SketchUp model here:


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See all models in the link provided, Dave.

I am working with Hum3D, it seems that the only way to get the original blueprints will be introducing a FOIA action. For some mysterious reason, they are guarded as a state secret.

Then again, that issue is out of the scope of this forum.

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The only reason I selected that is because there is no option to indicate the Viewer.

I will not use the Free web based version as a matter of principle.



What does this mean?


I am from the old school, Box. Used to hang out with the Richard Stallman groupies at MIT, still keep in touch with RMS.

In my view, offering a web based application (which is fine if there were options) is equivalent to making me an unpaid employee of the SketchUp company.

BTW: The artificial handicap (certain rotations are disabled) of the Viewer does not help improve my impression of this company. The only reason I am supporting the .skp file format is out of respect for my users, specially since all of them are volunteers.

Then again, maybe I am just too old for this brave new world. :slight_smile:

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Often when importing an obj into Sketchup or other software you are given the option to “swap Y,Z” axes. In so doing the model should then come in the right way and not stand up like a rocket.


That’s a mighty tall horse you’ve ridden in on there pardner.

There are options to download desktop versions, including the free Make 2017 version.

Th Viewer is just that, a viewer that is designed not to allow modification of the files, so it has no option to rotate an object, only to move the camera in relation to that object.

If you installed any of the desktop versions, or would deign to use the web version you could rotate you car with a couple of clicks.

The majority of people on this forum are also volunteers who simply want to help other get the best from their software. Who you may or may not have hung out with is irrelevant and won’t make any difference to the responses you receive. Attitude, on the other hand, can have a significant influence.


The link leads to a 450MB RAR file that has, among many formats, a 284MB SketchUp 7 version. Sure enough, it looks like a rocket about to take off:

This can be easily rotated:

A quick render:


That’s great, Jim! Looks really cool.

However, I cannot rotate it and apparently the reason is that I have an artificially handicapped SketchUp version, the SketchUp Viewer.

I submitted this report to Hum3D, asking them to produce a model positioned as God (and car salesmen :slight_smile: intended: on its 4 wheels.


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It’s not artificially handicapped. The viewer is meant to be exactly what it is; a viewer. There are options available to you if you want to modify the file. If the author of the file had been doing their job correctly, the SketchUp file would open properly in the first place.


Not to be entangled on semantics, but one of the definitions of “artificial” is man-made. :slight_smile:

Okay, more seriously: can any of the readers cite one 3D viewer in which the user is constrained in this same fashion?

A case where Hum3D is to be blamed for daring to adopt unusual positions?

/Begin humor
Sorry: but I cannot resist this, I guess I am a good mood today. Did you folks know that any position other than missionary is illegal in some US states? I will let you guess the part of the country.
/End humor

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It is perhaps a matter of semantics, but there is a difference between viewing something and being able to modify it. The SketchUp viewer is just that: a viewer. It lets you orbit around a model to view it from different directions, but it was never intended to let you edit a model. This is like the difference between an image display app and photoshop. It has nothing to do with a crippled SketchUp.


And to add a point: I can’t recall any view only app that lets you change the orientation of the model, nor one that would allow you to rotate the camera. Pan, Tilt (up/down, left/right), Orbit, and Zoom at most. NOT rotate.

I’m excluding VR headsets from my point.


Historic note: In May of 1963, in Nashville, Tennessee, my next door neighbor made me and my friends go stand on the side of Franklin Pike where we watched John F. Kennedy’s motorcade pass by. I was only nine at the time, so I didn’t understand why my neighbor was so excited to see him, but the car was really cool :slight_smile:


Why not download make from this DOWNLOAD page


That is an excellent idea, RLGL! I will include your suggestion with this bundle:

For completeness, see below the real goal of my group. Only one vehicle in the world matters to us:

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