About the Kennedy limo positioned like a rocket about to take off


I may be wrong but it seems that one of the few (only?) 3D file formats that has a concept of gravity is SKP.

I informed Hum3D about this problem with their Kennedy limo model, but they don’t seem to understand.

Whereas I could try to rotate it by 90 degrees, frankly I would prefer this simple operation to be done by an experienced professional.

Can a kind soul please download the file in question:


and position the vehicle as God -and car salesmen- intended, on its 4 wheels?


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It would be far simpler for you to download and install a desktop version of Sketchup and rotate it yourself.
For someone else to do it that have to download a 285mb file, rotate it and upload it again.

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Hi Box:

We are volunteer based (read: dirt poor) and the only SketchUp version that I have is the free Viewer.

I am under the assumption that for folks who deal with 3D models that file size is no biggie.

Thanks for your interest.

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We went through this in your other thread. You can download the Free desktop version of 2017. The download is far smaller than the file size of the limo.
I personally have a cell connection so downloading something of that size costs me, as a volunteer, money.


As you might have noticed, the max upload size is 3 MB here on this forum.(1/80)
The maximum upload for models on the 3D warehouse is 50MB. (Still 1/5)
Most models of (detailed) cars on the 3DW are in the range of 3MB-12MB.
So your assumption needs adjustment.

Hi Mike:

I didn’t mean to imply that the model should be uploaded to this forum. In fact, in my attempt to place that model here, the upload stopped and I had to provide a link to my server.

I was (still am) hoping that a professional SketchUp designer would download the file in question (or the bundle with all formats):


Rotate it and tell me where I could get it. That seems to be a common industry practice for large files.

Thanks for your interest.

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Only a physics simulator of some sort (e.g. a computer game) really has a concept of gravity. Most 3D formats however have an established vertical axis (typically Z but sometimes Y).


Here you go @TX_Raymond
I’ll leave the file on Drive for 24 hrs, then it will be deleted to recoup its ponderous 284MB


Should you visit us again with such requests, kindly refrain from cluttering our forum categories by posting here in the Commercial and Collaborative category.

Thanks, eneroth: As it turns out, I have been looking for people who know about physics simulation and 3D models. See this repository:

Was the Head of JFK Pushed or Pulled?

and this thread:

This is how the Frontal Shooter (or lack thereof) will be determined in an incontrovertible, accurate and scientific way - JFK Assassination Debate - The Education Forum

If anybody can provide tips/hints/pointers in that matter, please write to my e-mail address:



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Thanks, Geo! It looks beautiful! (*)

You may relieve your Google drive of that ponderous 284MB. : -)

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(*) Ok, I stole that line from The Godfather, when Sony admired the brutal work done by a cop on Michael’s face.

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Did he drove in the X(file)-direction?
Otherwise, pls upload the file, some soul could adjust it and reverse history😃

Good one, Mike : -)

All kidding aside, please read this:

and, of course, check out the videoclips in my YouTube channel:

Some are serious, some are private humor,

Perhaps the best, succinct explanation is contained in the comment under this one:


I always say: “In this endeavor, filled with frustration and failure, it is good to keep a healthy sense of humor in order to preserve one’s sanity” : -)

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