Can not access a different drive to install Sketchup

My hard disk drive labelled “G” has failed. It has Sketchup loaded which is now unavailable. In trying to install Sketchup to drive “C” the PC continues to try to access drive “G”. There seems to be no way to tell Sketchup which drive to use for the installation. Arcgh!!@
Maybe one of you gentlemen can assist?
Thank you.

What version of SketchUp are you installing? Have you tried right clicking on the installer and selecting Run as administrator?

Trying to install Make, which was installed in drive “G”.
I have tried using the Admin settings. No luck.

Doing a repair or installing an update will keep the existing drive letter. Try doing an uninstall, then the next install should let you change the drive letter.

I an sorry to appear dumb, but I am not shure how to do the uninstall.

Do you have the SketchUp installer? I think that you do. Open the installer and you should get options that include Repair and Remove. Use the Remove option to uninstall SketchUp.

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