Can I merge Tools in the toolbar?

Is there a way to merge like tools in the tool bar? In the tutorials that I have been watching, the user’s tool bar has an arrow on some of the buttons that activate like tools. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Must be old tutorials. The toolbar arrangement was changed to the way it is now based on user requests. There isn’t any way to make the toolbars like they used to be when the tutorials were recorded.

Well, that’s less user friendly lol Thank you.

Apparently the users who requested the change didn’t think so. The developers end up being damned either way.

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It was one of the most inefficient toolbar setups, having to first click a dropdown to then be able to click the tool you want was painful, not to mention half the time the tool you wanted wasn’t in the one you tried.


I’m use to multiple tools in a button in photoshop, so when I saw the older tutorials, that’s what I looked for in my version.
There’s definitely many ways to do things, so this is the one I’ll be learning now :slight_smile: Besides, this is still an amazingly powerful tool!
Thanks for the answers and help.

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The way it works on Mac is quite different to Windows. If you customize the main toolbar to have more things that can fit, you get right arrows at the end that let you operate the extra features via a drop down menu.

The standard windows can be stacked, to give you something that’s a bit like trays on Windows.

Other floating palettes can’t be stacked.

I think we are talking about the web version.

Ha! Nicely spotted, and Merry Christmas!


SketchUp Web Free:
I could empty the left toolbar to only contain: Select, Orbit, Line and Pan.
From there on one can, using ‘Edit’, drag tools into the left toolbar. Not all will fit but there are a few spots at the bottom that will be filled with the most recent used tools. Experiment with customizing your toolbar.