Can I have Sketchup 2018 & Sketchup 2021 Trial on the same PC?

I have Sketchup Pro 2018 and I am considering an upgrade to the latest version, but I want to try it first.

Can I install SU 2021 Trial while also keeping SU2018, and then if I don’t think that the upgrades are worth the price just uninstall SU2021 and keep the 2018 version?

I know this was true in the past, but I want a confirmation this continues to be the case with the latest version.


Yes it still installs as a separate application, but it will become the default opener, and remember to save back to 2018 if you need to keep working on files there.


According to some video I watched, SU 2021 files should be compatible with older versions. Is that not the case?

Older version files will work in 2021, but 2021 files will not work in older versions.
It has always been this way, it is backwards compatible like office etc but not forward compatible, forward compatibility requires a time machine.

This is why there is the option to Save as back to an earlier version.

Ok thanks. So I guess the compatibility improvements will be from now on. E.g. SU2021 will be able to open native files of SU2022.

No, you can’t make a program that can open files that have been made with an updated program. For that to happen you would have to not make any changes to the new version, in other words, stop developing.

except with Eneroth Open Newer Version


I saw Matt Donley’s review … and i thought too that it’ll be possible with SU2021 to read further version of skp … no ?

I apologise, my answers here are based on only what I know, I had not seen Matt’s review stating that ‘hopefully it will be possible’.

So I will wait and see and keep my mouth shut on the subject.

from the release notes:

  • Removed the Version field from File information in the Model Info window.

Yes, you did get it right. If you are using the latest version of SketchUp in two years from now, and do a regular save, that file will open in the 2021 version.

Thanks. Does the trial for 2021 include a trial of PreDesign?

It should. The 30 trial is for SketchUp Studio, and Sefaira, and all other features, should work ok.