Can I get help here with a simple MS physics problem

I’m trying to create something like a Japanese water feature where a short vertical section of bamboo gets filled with water then tips over horizontally, empties and returns to the vert. position . . . rinse and repeat.

Except I only need for it to lower down do the horizontal position where it can remain and continue to drain.

This will be for a roof downspout to allow roof rain water collected to empty out into yard away from house. I will be able to leave downspout extension in the vert. position and not be concerned about keeping an eye on possible chances of rain when I’m unavailable.

I’ve tried setting up the physics problem but don’t seem to be able to understand how to get the hinge and downspout connected. I’d like to know how close I am for the small shoe extension I’ve added to working.


downspout hinge.skp (614.6 KB)

1st edit: Sorry, I should have posted this to sketchUcation forum. Had gone there first but didn’t look hard enough for the forum link.

2nd ed: Haha jokes on me. Doesn’t appear a .skp file can be U/L’d to sUc. I think I’m close enough that a minor tweak or 2 in reality will suffice.