In over my head

Trying to get this model built…
New at this and having trouble getting the components to line up …
Need the vertical no gap to model on the 4 x 10 face … with the new clip…
Can anyone do this for me…
Is there anyone in Lawrence KS that does on site Tutorials.

How do I attach anything in this forum? Need to show what I am looking to get done.

On windows you can use the windows key+prt scr key to grab a screen shot and post it here with the upload icon in the reply window. Screen capture utility usually creates a folder where you indicate a preference. I created one in my pictures folder located in the documents folder.
or you can use the same icon to upload the skp model file which is usually located in your documents folder.

panelized vertical rainscreen.skp (168.4 KB)
5 no gap.skp (180.4 KB)

Your panel and clips are the wrong way up. SketchUp’s blue z-axis points up. When your model opens it is upside down. This will make orbiting a bit weird. Once its the right way up your brackets and panel are set for putting the boards on vertical so I rotated it 90° before putting boards on.

Then I changed the axes of the component for easier placing. I set red along the length of the board, blue in the direction I want to be vertical when the board is on the wall. The point I chose was where I thought a good point to line the board with the bracket was. They don’t fit perfectly, there’s an internal fillet on the bracket and the board has a sharp edge there, but you can lift it up a bit.

If this was a one-off placement you could just rotate it into place. Changing the axes would make it easier to place the board component on another wall, but if it wasn’t parallel to this one you’d have to rotate again…

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So the orientation is actually a vertical install over 3/4 plywood.
And I forgot to send the clip that for the rest of the runs… the clip shown is the starter clip.
The attached clip goes on the rest of the runs.

I envy your skill … Just learning here.

Jim new rainscreen clip.skp (301.7 KB)

give me details on how this works…
I might be interested.


Could you put that other clip in there and rotate the whole thing vertically…
Will to compensate…
Where are you located?

I’ve sent you a message.

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