Can I find the location a photograph is taken using photo matching?

I have a topo map of an area and a photo taken of a landmark within the mapped area. Is there a way to estimate the location on the map where a photo was taken from using Photo Matching?

That’s hard to answer without seeing the photo. you’ll probably need several photos of the same landmark so you can triangulate position. I’ve identified points on a geolocation image (google Maps view) from photos taken from several different angles. I drew lines on the Maps image through points I could identify in the photos.

I found an old image I did from back in the days when SketchUp got the images from Google Earth.

I had several images taken from points at the lower left of the image. there were objects in the foreground that lined up with points in the distance and identified where they crossed to figure out where the stakes were located out in the water.

Match Photo wouldn’t have been useful for this.

Thank you. I understand your response but photos do not show intermediate objects. gw

Can you identify something behind the object? If you can, you could draw a line through the background object and the middle ground object to the camera location. To get the exact location you need to be able to get crossing lines through.

See Joshua’s tutorial on Photogrammetry.

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