Can I embed a playable video-thumbnail inside a sketchup model?

I want to place a youtube video onto an interior wall of a building inside my sketchup model.

I want to be able to click to play the video.

For example, I’d really just like to be able to insert an iFrame or similar into SketchUp to ‘hold’ the video thumbnail and be able to load the video file from YouTube when clicked.

Can you please share any way/s to do this? Thanks.

there used to be a plugin for this, but its no longer supported.
I guess if you were still able to run an older version of SU it might work.

works with 2015

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You could try a search for gif in an SU model on the forum and the SketchUp YouTube site - I did see something along those lines a year or so ago.

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Maybe Image Animator in TIG’s SKM Tools from Sketchucation would suit.


Thanks for this. Yes I saw this and investigated but alas, no luck.

Thanks very much for this. I checked it out. Will be good for some situations.

Cheers. Thanks for the idea.

I still have a 2015 SU version which it will run in.

Oh OK, thanks for the tip. I’ve got 2019 version. Will investigate further