Embed video feed in sketchup model

Does anyone know how to embed a video feed in a sketchup model? I am trying to have a video show on a LED screen that has been modeled in sketchup.

there is a old beta extension found here

I haven’t tested it as I use mac’s and it’s Windows only…

there are a couple of other around but they are harder to find…


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This should be done outside SketchUp, in some kind of animation or virtual reality application.

Perhaps one of the game engines like Unity ?

SketchUp is a modeling application, for creating models. It does not make sense to play video inside SketchUp. This would bloat the model file immensely, and quickly max out SketchUp 's available memory under Windows. SketchUp would then slow to a crawl.

There have been very simple animated GIF images, like flickering candle flames, inserted into SketchUp models.


Thank you, the plugin did exactly what we wanted to do.



John’s suggestion worked.


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Hey @john_drivenupthewall,

Thanks for pointing this out. I had no idea this was possible.