Need to map video to play on surface

I am looking for a simple way to map video files to playback on a surface created in Sketchup Pro. I know there are complicated programs like Blender etc. that can do it. I just want to create 3d models in Sketchup Pro, add videos playing back on different surfaces, and render to a video file. Any direction would be helpful?

Maybe you need to talk with @john_drivenupthewall.

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And there’s an ImageAnimator tool in TIGs SKM tools

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it is possible using the Ruby API, but not simple…

if you can PM me a sample model and a video file I may be able to show you what’s reasonably achievable…


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Here is a simple model of a kiosk - just need to map video files to the screens Digital Signage Concept 5C 2up 181004 Draft.skp (254.4 KB)

although possible it’s too much work to feed more than one screen…

if your rendering the final output than maybe the solution lays in the render engine…



Thanks, John. I think I am stuck with importing it into Blender.