Can I edit things that I import

I am fairly new using SketchUp. I am switching from tinkercad to SketchUp. I imported some of my old designs. Is it possible to edit those designs, in SketchUp?

Probably. Have you looked at any of the how to documentation on the SketchUp site? Have you learned the basics of how SketchUp works?

It should be possible to work with geometry made on a different software, what kind of file are you exporting to? Sketchup pro can import a lot of 3D files. The classic file kind and that almost all the programs can export and import is dwg, collada .dae files are also a good option. An issue you may encounter is that the faces could be triangulated and you’ll have a lot of unnecessary geometry, that can be solved with a plugin like clean up 3.

Thank you so much for replying. I have watched LOTS of youtube tutorials. Is there somewhere else I could learn?



Start there. The fundamentals for web, and/or desktop. most following courses are based on the desktop version, but can still be applied (partially) to the web version.

you can also look for actual classes / training around you, sketchup is not a secret niche software, plenty of professors out there :wink: