Can't edit SketchUp files in AutoCAD. Why is that?

Hey there,
I cant edit 3D SketchUp files that I imported into AutoCAD. Boxes can’t be edited in any way. It seems to have to do with solids. I tried to find any good explanation but nothing worked omegle out for me. Most of what I try to resolve with AutoCAD I end up digging into forums from years ago with lackluster information and pure speculation.
This problem occurs with different AutoCAD versions. I’m using SketchUp Pro.

I hope someone can help me solve this. Thank you very much.

I don’t know anything about AutoCAD but lots of people here do.
Could you update your forum profile with relevant information about SketchUp version, Windows version and graphics card Make and model as that helps us to give you relevant information?

Did you use ‘BEDIT’ command, SOLIDEDIT or explode?

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