Can I create an underground tunnel in Sketchup?

I need to create a diorama that includes above ground elements as well as a tunnel “cut-away”. Is this possible with Sketchup? I only seem to create 3D elements that sit on top of the ground. Thanks for comments.

Sure. You can represent a tunnel or other underground structures. What are you using for a “ground”? Maybe you could share you SKP file so we can see what you’ve got so far.

thanks for the comment. I haven’t started working on it yet because I’m researching whether or not sketchup is the software to use. I’m a designer but brand new to 3D. I can share a .png of something similar to what I need to build.

Is the PNG file you attempted to upload too big?

What sort of tunnel are you intending to model? Are you thinking of showing it as a cut away? In SketchUp it doesn’t matter if you’re drawing a hallway in a building, a passageway in a ship or a tunnel underground, the basic process is the same.

This is the type of thing I need to model. Showing both above ground and underground in the same model.

You could create that sort of illustration using SketchUp but you also need to plan on doing some post-process work in Photoshop or some other image editor.

You’ll need to be using SketchUp Pro instead of Make.

Okay cool, yeah that’s what I was thinking too. Glad you confirmed that. Thanks so much for your help.

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