Can SketchUp create an image like this?

I need to create 3D diagrams of construction models (residential, commercial, agricultural buildings, etc) like the attached image. With my limited playing around in PRO, I can see how this is possible but my design doesn’t look near as “cool” as this image (lighting, textures, etc.)

Can anyone tell me if they think this image was created in SketchUp and if so, how did they create cutouts that way to reveal the different layers. This image just look so different then what I’ve been able to create in Sketchup.

If I was to model this In SketchUp, I would model exactly what you see. I would not bother building a whole house then cutting away, I would just build a model with the pieces cut back as shown.

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My guess would be not SU. Photoshop maybe?

SU can do most of that better out of the box.

Could have been created in SketchUp and then rendered to a higher resolution with Vray, Kerkythea, Adobe Dimension, etc.