Can a smaller-sized mechanical keyboard improve SketchUp productivity?


I found inspiration in Aaron’s mouse video, leading me to purchase the Logitech MX3 mouse, which has enhanced my productivity. I’m now considering optimizing my keyboard setup too.


  1. Currently, I use a full-size keyboard as shown in the image below. I’ve observed that I habitually position my mouse below the numpad rather than beside the keyboard. This arrangement requires my left hand to cross over to reach the numpad.

  1. I came across the 3dconnexion design, where they place the numpad on the left side. While it seems like a good idea, I’m not a fan of low-profile keyboards, and it appears that this keyboard requires more space.

  1. My plan is to switch to a smaller-sized keyboard (TKL size) with a separate numpad. This setup would allow me to move the numpad to the left side or position it below the keyboard.

I’m curious if any of you have experience with such a keyboard setup and how well it works for you. Are there any benefits to having a mechanical keyboard that I might be overlooking?
I think I can program more functions, which might be helpful as well.

Thank you for your sharing :slight_smile:

I don’t really think the keyboard has a big impact on productivity increase, I have a Logitech Mx keys, I had a mechanical keyboard before and I haven’t felt any increase in productivity, I like it more because the keys are a lot more silent and it feels nice to the touch but compared to the increase in productivity between a regular mouse and the MX Master 3, the keyboard doesn’t make much difference. It’s just my opinion maybe someone else could tell you something different. There are other peripherals that have more impact in productivity like a 3D mouse or a stream deck.

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Hi Francis,

Thanks for sharing your setup. Let’s see if others have different configurations.
I’m also interested in know whether placing a separate numpad on the left side, as opposed to the right side like 3Dconnexion, will better as they show.

If you have an ipad or android tablet, have a look at Touch Portal.
It allows you to have multiple programed button, number-pads, multifunctionkeys etc.
For example I have one key that will explode a group, run fixit 101 and then regroup it. This is a handy process after doing a 360 bend with truebend, it removes the problematic double face that is produced by the plugin.
I only mention that as it is one that springs to mind, basically it allows you to set up all sorts of shortcuts and scripts.

In this thread you can see it as part of my setup from a while back, it has changed since then.

The whole thread will probably interest you.


Hi @Box,

Thanks for informing me about Touch Portal. I just learned about this device.
Thank you for sharing the thread.
I find that Paul’s setup below is quite similar to what I’m planning to do.