Camera > Orbit....during Animation....Fredo6 Animator vs MSPhysics? (Fig+Gif)


With MSPhysics during Animation… We can Orbit Camera in different point of view and record it with a screen recorder(this very helpful, very fast way). SO is possible to do the same with Fredo Animator?

go to timeline where you want camera and click the green camera button, navigate to a scene tab and select current view. At any further point in the timeline you can do the same and at each point the scene will transition to that camera view.

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I’am very happy that this option is on Fredo Animator. Thank You for Your Precious Help. Respect [ whiterabbitdesigncompany ]

I had meant to point out that when you select the camera icon you can navigate to any random view in your model with the orbit/move etc. and then select “capture current view”, OR click a predetermined view from your scene tabs as I did in this demo. I prefer to have the views predetermined with scene tabs in case you need to go back to that view easily or when back in modeling mode and not animator to adjust stuff knowing what the view in the animation will be.

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the Richest People in the World are those who provide interest-free help… Thank You!

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