Orbit commands

Is there a method or key command to activate orbit (for the whole model) for animation purposes. When I do it manually it jumps around somewhat and I wanted to see if I could control this, ie. enter 45 degree rotate or something like that. Same with zoom. When searching for this topic someone suggested adjusting the mouse zoom and control settings on the computer. I suppose this will help a little.

And when creating scenes when navigating within the building, at some points when I rotate, the camera position goes through faces (walls), etc., while transitioning from one scene to another, particularly in close quarters. Any suggestions on how to mitigate that.

Also, is there a way to have the origin center in the screen at a desired angle in all axis (other than zoom extents).


Spacemouse makes navigation much smother

Use the walk tool for this purpose (two feet icon). Once placed, you can look around (and set the eye height) to make the scene. Use the mouse to drag (=walk) through your model. At each corner/direction, make a scene.
Do not use the modifier key which disables the ‘collision’ (check the statusbar in the bottom left of your screen to see what modifier key)

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What is spacemouse? When I google it I get a comic book character…

That’s the ticket, thanks!

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Wow, very nice! A little pricey for me at the moment, but I could definitely use a good mouse. I guess if you use it everyday for this kind of stuff it is a worthwhile investment.