Camera animation

hi all, i have installed the “camera keymaker” and “msphysics” extensions but i cant get either of them to open. i can see the “camera keymaker” under the camera tab but i cant see the “msphysics” extension anywhere except in the extension manager. appreciate any help, thanks

As I replied to your post on Sketchucation, CameraKeyMaker is old and hasn’t been updated since 2011. You should look for a different extension. MS Physics is also incompatible with SketchUp 2019 as the author has said. You might try using Sketchy Physics instead.

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ok Dave, appreciate the reply. just wondered if you know of an alternative to the CameraKeyMaker? looking for a camera to follow a given path basically…

Maybe Fredos Animator extension?

When I need to do this sort of thing, I create a path with the appropriate tool. Often with a Bezier curve using one of the Bezier extensions or with Curve Maker which I did here.

Then I use the native Position Camera tool to position cameras for the scenes and place them along the path. You don’t really move the camera in SketchUp; you just place cameras for each scene. After exporting the animation, you end up with something like this. I only created scenes for the last 4 or 5 points in the interest of keeping the resulting video small enough to upload.

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I still think it would be useful, and straightforward, to present the camera to the user as a physical object they can position and move like any other. Multiple cameras would be even better of course offering the ability to switch cameras vs animating between positions.

It’s an interesting idea. I guess for now, the native Position Camera tool is about as close as you can get.

ACT does this, you can move or rotate the physical camera after using ‘Zoom Extents’ to select one…



I’m going to make sure I master this and make it a part of my current project workflow. I’m doing some really fun stuff with camera positions to create animation storyboards that I’m sure SketchUp was not meant to do :slight_smile:
Thank you.

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you can array them as well, but I rename those with ruby for the animation…

a shortcut key for ‘camera rename’ would be almost as quick…


really appreciate the replies, thanks! i will prob take a look at the Fredo animator. pitty they never updated the “camerakeymaker” app for sketchup 2019…

can you maybe explain a bit more pls john, thanks

looks like SUalive is going to do what i need but not sure. just looking at that now…