Calling AdamB... LightUp expired and Help email failing

Apologies for borrowing the forum.

@AdamB, LightUp is declaring itself to be expired, and emails to are being returned as “550 High probability of spam”.

Contacting him via PM here maybe another way to get in contact with him.

Hi Colin

We’ll get your license cleared up.

LightUp email is working fine from other users. Will investigate - thankyou!


Ah, you meant PM here. I didn’t have his email address so I just used the one that usually works.

As you see he got in touch, and things are good again. There is a difference in how you install LightUp in v2017 compared to older versions, so for anyone who happens to pop by here, this works:

In Extension Manager, disable LightUp and apply changes.
Quit SketchUp.
Open SketchUp, start using, open Extensions Manager, and install the rbz file you downloaded from
When you apply changes you’re then asked for your registration number.

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