LightUp installatie gaat niet

Na het aankopen van de licentie voor LightUp krijg ik deze op geen enkele wijze geinstalleerd, heb alles geprobeerd, oude versies verwijderd etc maar iedere keer bij het opstarten van Sketchup krijg ik de melding dat de demo periode is verlopen en krijg ik niet het pop-up schermpje om mijn licentie nummer in te geven, kan iemand mij een advies geven hoe ik LightUp aan de praat krijg? alvast bedankt

It would have been very nice of the LightUp developers to place button in the message saying the license is expired/missing that takes you to where you can enter a license. If they haven’t done that I’d start by looking for a LightUp menu (typically in Extensions > LightUp). Inside that menu I’d look for something called Help, About or License. I haven’t used LightUp myself but these are the typical places to put licensing information in.

Slightly off topic, if you’re not writing in English it would help if the sentences were a bit shorter. Dutch(?) is quite similar to both English, the Scandinavian languages and German and I could understand quite a lot by just reading. However taking in such long sentences all at once was quite difficult and I had to resort to Google Translate to fully understand.

I have tried to install LightUp in the Extension manager, install extension, Rbz, after that install, nothing is happens, and every time I startet Sketchup I get the Message that the Trial version is expired and that I know already that’s why I bought the licence

Don’t the instructions in work for you? Perhaps @AdamB could help?

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