Calculations in Array function


I am A stair builder and use the array function a lot to ad balusters & etc . I always have to reach for a calculator when I move option a baluster and want a spacing of ~ 4.5 " . for example a 4’ rail i place the first baluster 4" in from 1 side then move a copy 40" (4" in from opposite end ) then I divide by X =40/4.5. It would be very handy if a calculator available as a tool or was in the dimension read out window since there are many times you might want it for other functions.Too redundant?


yes I use the function a lot as I explained the question is how many to divide by to get a certain spacing. I dived by the spacing then divide my dimension bye the product


Usually, the floors are already there, so the divide option of the move-copy would be the one.
One thing , though: you would have to start with the top of the raiser positioned at the floor and then delete afterwards.


wait how do i use desired spacing ?


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