Cable coverings

Good Afternoon All,

I am unable to find an easy method of applying a tape/foil over and around the pair of rods. Any idea’s would be much appreciated. twin.skp (54.7 KB)

Something like this?


twin.skp (106.1 KB)

Or like this?

Very much like that…which I can do via two semi-circles and straight lines, then offset to create a face then extrude. What I’m looking for is something that will wrap an follow the contours of the rods, which will look more like a tape…if you know what I mean…

Have a play with Helix along curve.

Was this completed using helix along curve?

No, that is just push pull or follow me. Helix along curve will wrap a helix around a curve and isn’t that what you said you wanted.

instrumentation-500x500 If you examine this image and look at both the clear tape and foil I am trying to replicate this. Thanks Dave

I have used helix along curve for spirals along cable…so I just wondered!!

If you look in 3D warehouse under cables and collection David C…you can see where I’m up to. Thanks

You can add links from the Warehouse so people don’t have to searching for them if they are relevant to your question.

Cable "5 triple"

I think you are getting close…thanks

Too late for me I’ll leave you in Dave’s capable hands.

Thanks again much appreciated.

My parting thought, have a look at clothworks too as you may be able to make a sleeve that drapes over the cables, like shrink wrap.

Cheers I will.

You could use Vertex Tools and SUbD

I’ll have a look at the extensions to see if they are simple and quick enough for me to operate… Thanks