Building with ridge roof no footprint 90 degrees

I have download a footprint of building with some no edge(s) of 90 degrees
When a want a roof with a ridge then get this result (see attachement)
heiligland_2D_no90g_delvertex1.skp (20.4 KB)
The roof faces are split in two parts
How can I remove the “split” line wihout remove the faces

Select the “split” line … and then select “Soften” from the drop down menu.

If you are willing to adjust the geometry a bit you could try something like this.

Thank you very much, both suggestion were helpfull for me

When I use the suggestion of soften, the push/pull tool has no effect.
I try with the suggestion of Shep the next example
heiligland6_nok_schoon.skp (20.3 KB)
Especially the lines in behind facade is very difficult to erase them

You might want to spend some time learning some of the basic SketchUp concepts.
Meanwhile, soften will “hide” the line that separates two, non-coplanar surface … which will allow the application of a material. But since push/pull only works on a single surface … it will NOT work if all you have done is soften the line between two non-coplanar surfaces.
If the surface disappears when you delete the line between them … then they are not coplanar. So if you want to push/pull the surface then you have to figure out why the two surfaces are not coplanar … and fix it. @Shep showed you how to do that … for the model that you originally uploaded.

Thanks for the answer.
Now I try out the three surfaces on the behind facade

Not sure where you are going with all this. Are you trying to model an existing building?

If so, until you "correct’ the building footprint so that it is “square” (all corners 90 degrees) … and make the walls vertical … you are going to have a very difficult time modeling it.

And just because the footprint you downloaded is not “square” … that does not mean that the building you are trying to model is not “square” (or at least was intended to be square). It may only mean that the footprint was not picked up accurately in the photographing/scanning process.

And if in reality the building is not “square” … and the walls are not vertical (as in your original model) … then it is very likely that the planes of the roof panels will NOT be perfect rectangles. And if that is the case … then your model will have to reflect all of these “imperfections” … and then MANY of the SketchUp tools and facilities will NOT perform as expected because they are designed work with surfaces that are coplanar, edges that are perpendicular, et cetera.

You are right.
I import the footprint from an other application.with data of a old city.
I have seen that a lot of buildings not “square”.
Now I’m sure that I draw the footprints again with all the corners 90 degrees.
Thanks for the explanation.