Deleting a line breaks surface



Hi All

I am now progressing a lot with my Sketchup modeling, however there is one thing that i really can’t figure out how to solve.
Sometimes when i try to delete a line on a surface, it breaks the surface itself. I have tried the plugin “Cleanup”, and i have found out to clean up lines, but i dont know how to fix the ones that i have already push/pulled in 3D.


The two faces that make up the surface aren’t coplanar. All of their vertices need to be on the same plane. Only then you can delete their mutual edge while keeping one large face.
Move vertices to get them into the same plane.


Now again. after progressing with some more modelling this afternoon. This little fellow, if i delete it (the blue marked line) it will delete the entire surface … crying…


Hi Wo3Dan
Thanks for your answer. Hmm. I am not sure i understand. Do you know a youtube video or instruction on how i can move vertices to get them into same plane?

Looking closer to the corner, i can see how it is not in the same plane. Hmm. How do i best fix that


I’m on a tablet which doesn’t help helping.
But with nothing selected but the ‘Move’ tool you can hover over a vertex and then move that single vertex (dragging connected edges with it).
“Grab” and move a vertex in say the green direction some considerable distance out of plane. Repeat moving it but now again constrained to green to “drop” it on (=inferencing it to) the face’s plane that you want it to go to, the adjacent face.


Sharing the file may help others to help you.


As @Wo3Dan said, this means the two faces adjacent to the edge are not coplanar. Most of the time this sort of problem is caused by not paying close attention to SketchUp’s inference snaps while drawing. Edges can go slightly out of line and vertices out of place if you are not consistent about inferencing.


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