Curved Roof (removing lines)



Hi all,

I am currently trying to model a stadium roof, i’ve modeled it the way I want it, however I still have all these annoying numerous surfaces, when I want one smooth curved surface with no annoying lines in the way.

Stadium Roof (elongated arch Canopy) v2.skp (1.4 MB)

I’d like to remove all the internal part lines and make it one whole part.

Thanks all!



Select all of the roof geometry, right click on it and choose Soften/Smooth. Those edges can’t be deleted because they are required to complete the faces.

You should refrain from applying materials until you’ve completed the geometry correctly. You have faces with incorrect orientation and some bad geometry at the corners that should be fixed.

After cleaning up and softening edges, the geometry should look like this.

With Hidden Geometry not visible:

Stadium Roof (elongated arch Canopy) v2.skp (430.5 KB)


Use the Eraser + Ctrl to make edges soft/smooth