Weird triangles cannot be erased



after I have been using sketchup for quite some time with ‘regular’ shapes (combinations of flat surfaces) I’m now trying to make objects that contain curved surfaces.

I’m designing a replacement part for an RC car, and I used the ‘push/pull’ tool with ‘+’ modifier to expand a curved surface through another curves surface. Then I selected all, and executed ‘intersect faces > with selection’ and then I deleted the parts of the model I don’t need.

This worked fine, except that there are now some triangles left in the model that I cannot remove, and these triangles of course cause problems with the slicer software I use to create the files for my 3D printer.

Is there anybody who can tell me how I can remove the extra triangles from the sketch up model?
rc_car_steering_part.skp (24.3 KB)

Thanks in advance,


The edges of the triangle are hidden. You can select the triangular face and hit [Delete] to get rid of the triangles. Or, go to Edit > Unhide All to reveal theses edges, whereupon you will be able to erase the triangles. Or, go to View > Hidden Geometry, and once again you’ll be able to use the Eraser tool on them.



Hello @Gully_Foyle,

perfect, the ‘edit > unhide all’ did the trick. I learned something new today, thank you!