Build a guitar pick

another total newb question from a total newb…I am racking my brain trying to figure this out. I am trying to design a simple guitar pick shape that I can manipulate the dimensions on. I’ve tried laying out a simple triangle and playing with the 2 point arc, but that does not seem to do it because it always want to pull the arc from a midpoint. Thats the only thing I can think to do. What way would y’all attack this?

Do you want to try it together?

Are you thinking a Reuleaux triangle or do you want the points rounded as on a guitar pick, too?

Triangle to Reuleaux Triangle using Arc (not 2-Point Arc).

Then round the corners with 2-Point Arc tool. I drew one arc and then use Rotate/Copy to make the other two.


Pics come in all shapes and sizes so if you are designing your own don’t forget you can just eyeball it and mirror.


Also a perfect SUbD candidate.


another way is to use Voronoi & Conic Curve plugin.
You make a triangle, select the tool ‘conic curve on face’ and boom. there’s your pick!
(you can adjust points and weight by pressing tab)

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