Bugsplat window showing on top

Can we please not have the bugsplat window show on top of other windows? This is a non-standard window behavior. The only window the bugsplat window really should be modal to or be locked to display on top of is the SketchUp window for that instance, which of course no longer exists as it has crashed.

I can’t remember when I last got a bugplat that wasn’t directly triggered by my own code. Having the bugsplat window locked to display on top makes it much harder to review my own code and see how it managed to crash SketchUp so I can include it when sending the bug report.

You mean it is modal to the whole window manager and you have to close it to access other windows?

Or does it just pop on top of the window stack and you have to click into the previous window to continue working in it (like typing text)?

I can access other windows but the bugsplat window is stuck on top so it’s hard to see the content of other windows. I also only have one screen so I don’t have that much leftover space to waste on things I’m not currently looking at.