Bug with centimeter and inches in dynamic components

can you fix this bug?

Is it a bug if the instructions say to use inches?

When you create formulas, here are the rules you need to follow:

  • Put text in quotes.
  • Concatenate a string with the ampersand (&). For example: =“I am a table with the cost of” & variable name
  • To display quotes in a text string, use a backslash (). For example: =“This is the “\official” retail price for this item:” & variable name
  • Formulas that return numbers will return them as floating values, never as integers. So, the formula if(5=5,1,0) will return 1.0 instead of 1.
  • All lengths are in inches and angles in degrees.
  • Use an exclamation point (!) to refer to a value outside of the current subcomponent. For example, Fence!spacing refers to the value of the spacing variable in the Fence component.


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You can use either centimeters or inches in the internal calculations of dynamic components. I always set the user input fields to be in “end user model units” so they will conform to what is used in the current model.

The bug is in that if the “Display units format” box is NOT checked in the Model Info>Units window, dynamic components revert to using inches. Bad if you use SketchUp to deliver dimensioned views in Europe, where the standard is to suppress the units format. It can be circumvented by dimensioning in LayOut.