Bug(?) when enlarging holes in a flat "board"

I’m using Sketchup Make 2017.

Here is how I can recreate the “bug” every time:

Make a square (any size, lets just say 12" x 12").
PP it to be 3/4" thick (so you have a 3/4" thick 1 foot square “board”).
Draw a circle in the middle of the flat side (lets pick 7/8" radius; 1 3/4" diam).
PP it to “drill” a hole in the “board”.
After a bit, you realize you need the hole to be 2" diameter.
Select the top rim of the hole. Offset it 1/8" larger.
PP it 3/4" to make the hole bigger.
Voila, the other side of the board has disappeared!
FYI: This ALSO happens if instead of using offset, you make
the hole bigger by drawing a 1" radius circle around the 7/8"
radius hole and PP that. Same issue. Other side is gone.
If you select the whole hole and scale it up to enlarge it, then
it doesn’t happen, but that process sometimes messes up
the object a little.
You can “get around” the issue by offsetting the hole the same
size on both sides of the board before you PP to enlarge it.

Is this “expected behavior” or a bug?

I think it’s sort of an unexpected expected behavior. If you want to make the hole larger you could edit the radius of the edge circles or you could erase the hole and draw a new one at the correct radius. In any case as long as you are using 2017 Make you would need to use a different method for resizing the hole.

It was definitely unexpected for me. For me the handiest way was to do the offset, then copy that offset 3/4" away (ie: to the other side of the board). Easy peasy. You said one thing that piqued my interest: How can I “edit the radius of the edge circles”? After I select the edge circle, what do I do next to “edit the radius”?

You should find that in the Entity Info tray

Perhaps try using ‘Entity Info’ on the selected circle ?

RLGL and TIG beat me to it. You can edit the radius of a circle in Entity Info as long as Sketchup still identifies it as a circle.


SWEET! It works! I didn’t realize I could do that! Thanks for the tip guys!

You can also use the Scale tool, especially if the edges of the hole do not form a circle.

And in newer versions of SketchUp you can take advantage of cardinal points to change hole sizes on the fly with just the select tool, which really is sweet.

Pretty sure the cardinals have been around for quite some time, certainly going back to version 7 and no doubt @DaveR could confirm adam was using them.


@Box is correct. I learned about Cardinal Points in V3. I have V3.1 installed on this machine and the Cardinal Points are present there.


I learn something new every day!

Me too! In that case @tzyogi017 should check out using cardinal points on the inner face of the hole to change diameter quickly.

I’m starting to wonder what all else I don’t know!!!


cardinal midpoint-hidden-edges are the only ones that show up when hovering over them with the ‘Move’ tool, even with ‘Hidden Geometry’ off, making it extremely easy to find them.
Even on a truncated cone with circles.

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For some reason I always ASSUMED those Entity Info numbers were just REPORTS of what was currently selected. I had NO idea it was a 2-way street! And I did NOT know about cardinal points either. I thought I was a very experienced designer, but I can see now I’ve got a lot to learn yet.

If the field for a value has a white background in Entity Info, it can be edited.

Cardinal points can be a very useful option assuming you haven’t done anything to the geometry to remove them.


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