Bug on selection on SU21 on Mac french release

Hi all,

Please find my configuration

Please find my Sketchup release

Please see my extension

When I open the enclosed model and click on the windows Sketchup crash 100% of the case
Sans titre.skp (519,8 Ko)

The file is save on the desktop

Thanks for your help

If I select something else first , its work normaly ???

Which extension needs updating?

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Please remove your serial number from your post, it’s yours and not for the whole world to see…

attribute inspector. I update it and its work.
I’m suspecting , this is not the reason of crash because, extension wasn’t activate and its was still bug. But now it’s ok (?) .
Whatever thanks for your help

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Do you mean Mac SN ?

I have had some issues with some older files with some very old styles in it

I get an immediate crash if I click on the wall with the window in the model you shared. Bug Splat submitted Crash #59048

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The wall and the windows have attribute and ifc classification. May be its help

I didn’t work out what is wrong yet, but if you hide Entity Info, explode the component, make it be a new component, then the crash goes away. Even if you show Entity Info again.

It’s like something is being put into the Entity Info window that leads to a problem.

@denis_bolomier yes, I meant the Mac serial.

In which version did you apply the 2x3 schema?

the 2x3 deliver with Sketchup.
One thing, I start the model with Sketchup in english with my mac on pc

is there a reason for the main component being in inches, whereas the nested are in cm?

though the classification seems to be the culprit, I suspect the parsing to the DC options dialog is more likely to be the cause.
I have seen this with other .skc’s like this one:
NAHB.skc.zip (12,1 KB)
remove the .zip extension, first by unzipping

Im working in Inches for devloppment because in ruby everything is in ruby. but after I switch to centimeter because i’m not american. I will check this skc tonight