[Bug] Localized websites links strand in 404

There seems not to be an official public bug tracker or a forums category for the websites, I hope this will be forwarded to the website team.

On the localized versions of the website, several links contain the locale subpath, but those links cannot be resolved. Usually, links fallback to English if they have not been translated yet (I’m not going to list those that haven’t been translated).

Observed behavior:

Expected behavior:

  • Display the requested page at least in a fallback language.

The “Update My Preferences” links in the email footers (http://to.sketchup.com/, https://www.sketchup.com/preference-center) also go to 404.

This is where to post these …

Meta > Help Center - Report a Problem

Note I originally asked for a place to report website issues, … Jody choose the name although the need was not just for the help articles.